What is considered high thc? Answering Your THC Questions

Have you ever wondered what is considered high THC? Let’s discuss! For those seeking relief from pain and nausea, using cannabis products with a high concentration of THC can be extremely beneficial. However, while cannabidiol, or CBD, is commercially available across the country, THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol products, are not legally available in all states.

If you’re looking for legal access to medical marijuana in Florida, we can help.

THC Questions: What is considered high THC?

How Medical Marijuana Works

You will need an initial evaluation to be qualified to use medical marijuana. Once you’ve been through our assessment and medical evaluation process, we can help you to choose the product that will serve your needs most effectively.

Depending on your physical and mental condition, you may be a good candidate to benefit from high THC treatment. One of the best things about having safe and legal access to medical marijuana for THC therapies is that we can help you find a product that is regulated, organic and safe. We can also help you find the proper product formulation for your specific health concern.

What Is Considered High THC?

THC is a compound in plants of the cannabis family that allows a sense of euphoric disconnection or “high”. This compound is found in greater concentrations in some plants; technically, a high level of THC is between 10% and 15% per dose.

How to protect your THC content

The place you keep your medical marijuana and the time you keep it will have an impact on the level of THC over time. We are happy to help you find the best storage site in your home for your medical marijuana. Because humidity, heat and light exposure can limit the potency of your medical marijuana, make sure you have a cool, dry and dark storage space for your product.

Dosage Concerns

There are many medications that recommend you avoid operating heavy machinery or drive a car after dosing. Medical marijuana should be treated with the same respect. If you have experimented with cannabis in the past to manage an illness or an injury, you likely had mixed results. Because THC impacts everyone differently, the question of what is considered high THC should be fully assessed before you try another strain or dosage method.

When You Don’t Know Where To Start

Many people turn to medical marijuana as a last resort. If you have long struggled to find a treatment for your physical or mental pain, our assessment during your first appointment may actually be enjoyable! During your first visit, our goal is to understand your situation and help you determine your comfort level with the idea of medical marijuana.

Dosage Methods

There are many people who dismiss medical marijuana therapies because they don’t want to smoke anything. However, medical marijuana can be ingested and utilized in many different ways to manage your symptoms.

Addiction Worries

If you have long struggled with nerve pain from an injury or illness, you may have been exposed to opioid painkillers. Because your body and brain will quickly develop a tolerance to opiate products, the risk of addiction is quite high.

You cannot build up a tolerance for cannabis products. You may come to trust and rely upon them, but you will not need a higher level of THC or more product in your next dosage. In fact, you may be able to reduce your dosage over time.

How high of a dosage will I need?

Your earliest treatment will require you to focus on your symptoms over time. Everyone responds to cannabis compounds differently and your input is critical to your treatment. Once your best dosage is determined, we can help you space out your treatments for best results.

How can I use medical marijuana without smoking it?

Depending on the product that you need, you can work with concentrates and oils to manage your dose. We can also find ways to help you cook with medical marijuana if that is most effective for you.

What is considered high THC?

The highest THC found in hybridized plants can be more than 20%. For our purposes, a high level of THC is between 10% and 15%. Your comfort zone is critical to our ability to find the best level needed to manage your symptoms.

Are there side effects?

Great question! Medical marijuana is not without risk; this is why self-medication is so very risky. Medical marijuana can lead to low blood pressure. If you struggle with anxiety and insomnia, cannabis can help but it can also contribute to depression.

Contact The Medical Marijuana Dr

Marijuana changes the function of your nervous system. Properly managed, this can be a wonderful way to manage serious health concerns. However, you should not face these choices alone. If you’re a Florida resident, you can contact us for an evaluation, (954) 994-7002.