Medical Evaluation for eligibility for Medical Marijuana Use in the state of FLORIDA: FREE
FLORIDA Medical Marijuana Certification Renewal: $110
FLORIDA Medical Certification: $140
FLORIDA Medical Marijuana Card: $77.75


Appointments for free Florida medical marijuana evaluations with Dr. Tirmal, the Medical Marijuana Doctor are limited. If you're tired of searching for answers to your medical concerns and sick of dead ends, call to set up your free evaluation today and put yourself on the road to a healthier and happier life with a registered Medical Marijuana Card.

Dr. Tirmal does not provide medical marijuana services outside the state of Florida.

The Florida Medical Marijuana Dr Process

Step 1: Booking Your Free Evaluation

The first step in the Medical Marijuana Doctors process is for you to make an appointment for your free medical evaluation. You can do that by clicking on any of the large red buttons on our site to go to the HIPAA compliant scheduling page. Choose the most convenient day and time for you and make your appointment!

Step 2: Required Paperwork

After booking your free medical evaluation/consultation, you will be redirected to another page to complete some paperwork. Please initial and sign in all the appropriate areas on the electronic form. Once you are done, you will be all set to get started with the process of getting Medical Marijuana legally.

Step 3: The Medical Evaluation/Consultation

This will take place at Dr. Tirmal’ s office in person. He will conduct your medical evaluation/consultation, complete initial paperwork, and review any important medical records. If - following your evaluation - Dr. Tirmal determines that you qualify and are a good candidate for Florida medical marijuana treatment, he will approve your request for certification and begin the process of submitting your application to the state.

Step 4: Registration with the state of Florida and the Medical Marijuana Certification

Once Dr. Tirmal finds that you are a suitable candidate for medical marijuana therapy, Dr. Tirmal will register you with the Florida Medical Marijuana Registry. After he finishes that, he will complete your Medical Certification for Medical Marijuana Use. Florida state law requires that this has to be done in person.

Step 5: The Medical Marijuana Card Application

Once that is complete, Dr. Tirmal or his very friendly staff will walk you through the process for you to complete your application for the Medical Marijuana Card. For Florida residents, the approval for the Medical Marijuana Card happens in mere seconds.

Step 6: Wrapping Up

Once your Certification is done, he will show you all the other features of the Medical Marijuana registry, provide information about the local dispensaries from which you can purchase Medical Marijuana, and give you information on hand from some of the local dispensaries. At this point, you are all done and will be ready to purchase Medical Marijuana. If you wish, you can drive straight from Dr. Tirmal’s office to any Florida authorized dispensary to purchase Medical Marijuana and begin your therapy right away.


If you are struggling with symptoms that have gone untouched by traditional medicine and if you are beginning to feel that you are out of options, make an appointment for your free Florida medical marijuana evaluation with Dr. Tirmal. Your relief could be right around the corner.

Dr. Tirmal does not provide medical marijuana services outside the state of Florida.

Since 2018

The Florida Medical Marijuana Dr. Way

Here at the Medical Marijuana Doctor in Coral Springs, FL, we pride ourselves on providing our patients with the best quality of care. Led by the premier South Florida medical marijuana physician, Dr. Tirmal, our clinic staff have successfully treated over 2,000 patients with medical marijuana providing relief where traditional medicine has failed.

The Medical Marijuana Dr. Difference

It was after witnessing the failed treatment approach of other cannabis clinics that Dr. Tirmal developed his targeted evaluation and certification program. Designed to get patients the help that they need, Dr. Tirmal's approach to medical marijuana is always patient-centered and advocates for the rights of those in need of medical marijuana treatment.

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Think that you may be a good candidate for Florida medical marijuana treatment? Find out today from the leading medical marijuana doctor in Florida by booking your free medical evaluation!

Dr. Tirmal does not provide medical marijuana services outside the state of Florida.

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