Medical Marijuana: Florida Migraines Meet Their Match

As a medical marijuana doctor in Florida, Dr. Tirmal can attest that with medical marijuana Florida migraines often meet their match! It’s true, a number of Dr. Tirmal’s patients have come to our clinic with horrific migraines. These poor souls have tried every solution in the book to find release from their pain, to no avail. Fortunately, for many of these patients, medical marijuana has been the relief that they have been searching for!

Medical Marijuana: Florida Migraines Meet Their Match

What is it about medical marijuana and migraines? Today we’re going to talk a little bit about the use of medical cannabis and why it’s an effective solution to the pain that many migraine sufferers endure on a regular basis.

Protein Loops in Your Brain

Inside your body (particularly in your brain), there is a network of cannabinoid receptors. These receptors are actually small loops of protein and they influence how you experience pain. Cannabinoids are present in medical marijuana. So, when you undergo medical marijuana treatment, the cannabinoids from marijuana travel through your body and find the cannabinoid receptors that influence how you experience pain. When the cannabinoids find those receptors, they cause the body to produce dopamine which helps to induce a feeling of relaxation and reduce feelings of pain.

What Does the Research Say About Medical Marijuana Use For Migraines?

The difficult part of studying medical marijuana use lies in the classification of marijuana as a schedule 1 drug with a high probability of abuse by patients and with no accepted medical uses. This complicated things because in order to research the effects of any substance on a medical condition, the study must be approved. Unfortunately, because of the label of schedule 1 drug, this approval is hardly ever granted. That said, there are a number of studies of medical marijuana use across the U.S. and Europe that have shown that a number of patients undergoing treatment with medical cannabis experience pain relief from its use. Examination of the data gathered from these studies was particularly helpful in evidencing how cannabis and cannabinoids can help to alter how many patients feel pain, revealing a genuine medical application for medical marijuana.

Are You Considering Medical Marijuana For Your Migraines?

If you suffer from unbearable and chronic migraines and have found little to no relief in more traditional treatments and you are considering medical marijuana, Benevolent Care and Dr. Tirmal can help! Just use our simple online appointment tool to set up an appointment time that works for you!

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