Florida Medical Marijuana Registry: What is it and Why is it Important?

When you make the decision to pursue medical marijuana therapy in the state of Florida, the Florida medical marijuana registry plays an important role. As a reputable medical marijuana doctor in Florida, it’s our responsibility to ensure that you not only understand your course of treatment but that you also understand what you must do to ensure that your treatment is legal in the state of Florida.

Florida Medical Marijuana Registry: What is it and Why is it Important?

How the Registry Plays into the Process

In order to legally receive medical marijuana treatment in the state of Florida, you must have a Florida medical marijuana card. In order to receive a card, you must undergo a medical evaluation by a licensed medical marijuana doctor (like Dr. Tirmal) in the state of Florida. If the doctor agrees that you have a condition that is eligible to be treated with medical cannabis and you are a permanent or seasonal Florida resident, you are eligible for a medical marijuana card. With the doctor’s approval, you will be given a patient ID number on the Florida medical marijuana registry and he will enter recommendations for your medical marijuana needs.

Before you receive your card, you must submit your application for medical cannabis and have it approved by the Florida Department of Health. The current processing time for applications is between 14 and 21 days after your application is received. If you choose to mail in your application, this can add 10 to 15 more days onto your processing time. Additionally, if you make a mistake on your application or if you do not fill in your application completely, this can result in added delays.

After your application is processed and approved by the department of health, you will receive email notification of approval. Upon this notification, you are free to purchase your medical marijuana from any authorized Florida dispensary.

What Does the Registry Do?

Now that you know where the Florida medical marijuana registry plays into the treatment process, let’s take a look at what they actually do.

Once you have been approved by the doctor for medical cannabis use, you will be entered into the medical marijuana Florida registry and given a patient number. Using that patient number, you must then fill in your application for your medical marijuana card and send it to the Florida department of health.

Your card links to your patient number in the registry and it identifies you as a legal user of medical marijuana in the state of Florida. All legal users of medical cannabis in the state of Florida have a patient number in the registry and a valid user card. Your card is valid for a specified period of time and once expired, you will no longer be a legal user of medical marijuana. If necessary, you can renew your card just prior to its expiration through your prescribing physician.

What’s the Purpose of the Registry?

You may be asking yourself why the Florida registry exists. Well, it serves as a secure database where both prescribing physicians and their patients are registered. This ensures that the state has a record of legitimate prescribing physicians and patients who are legally permitted to use medical marijuana.

The registry is also where you log in as a patient to access your physician’s orders. You will be able to see your order status, the type of order, the start date for the order, whether you can purchase a delivery device, how many days your order is open for, and when your order expires. Your information will only be accessible to Your doctor, the Florida Department of Health, law enforcement, medical marijuana treatment center (MMTC) staff.

Do You Have Questions About the Florida Medical Marijuana Registry?

Do you have questions about the Florida medical marijuana registry or about pursuing medical marijuana treatment in the state of Florida? If so, Benevolent Care and Dr. Tirmal can help. Dial (954)994-7002 or use our easy medical marijuana online appointment manager to make your appointment today!

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