How Do You Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Florida?

One of the most commonly asked questions about medical cannabis is “how do you get a medical marijuana card in Florida?” This is a topic we have covered a few times in the past, but as long as you keep asking us the question, we’ll keep answering it for you!

How Do You Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Florida?

So, you want to know how to go about qualifying for your own medical marijuana card in Florida? Let’s go through the process step by step…

Step 1: Book Your Free Evaluation

The first step in obtaining your medical marijuana card in Florida is to book your free evaluation with Dr. Tirmal here at The Medical Marijuana Doctor. This is a phone evaluation and all you need to do is pick a date and time that is good for you!

Step 2:  Fill in Your Paperwork!

The second step is to fill in your paperwork. Once you have booked your initial free consultation with Dr. Tirmal, you will get automatically redirected to a page of our site where you will be asked to fill in some paperwork for your appointment. Be sure that you sign and initial all of the forms in the necessary places.

Step 3: Your Evaluation

The third step in the process of getting your medical marijuana card is to have your evaluation appointment. During your evaluation appointment, Dr. Tirmal will review your medical records and complete any paperwork that needs completing.

After this evaluation, if Dr. Tirmal feels that you are a good candidate for medical marijuana treatment, he will approve your request for certification and then begin the process of submitting your application to the state of Florida.

Step 4: Your Medical Marijuana Card Application

The fourth step in the application process is for you to begin working on your medical marijuana card application.

Once Dr. Tirmal has approved you as a suitable candidate for medical marijuana therapy, he will register you with the state. Once he has completed that process, he will walk you through the steps required for you to apply for your medical marijuana card.

Step 5: Your Office Visit For Certification

The next step in the process is for you to come to our office in Coral Springs, Florida for your medical marijuana certification visit. In Florida, this in-office visit is mandatory in order to be legally certified for medical marijuana use.

This means that you CANNOT be certified without this visit being completed!

Your certification office visit will only take a few minutes. During this visit, the doctor will input your information into the certification database and make his recommendation for your treatment.

Step 6: Finishing Up!

The last step in this process is to wrap up your visit! Dr. Tirmal will walk you through the Medical Marijuana Registry database and show you the different features. The doctor will also talk to you about finding local dispensaries as well as giving you information that he has on hand about local dispensaries where you can fill your prescription.

Now all you need to do is to wait for the state of Florida to give you final approval for your medical marijuana certification card. Once you receive your final approval you can visit one of the local medical marijuana dispensaries that Dr. Tirmal shared with you.

Filling Your Prescription

The Doctor has already made his recommendation for your medical marijuana treatment, so once you receive your medical marijuana card, you can head down to a local dispensary. The staff at each state dispensary has access to the registry and can view the doctor’s recommendations. From here they can help you to fill your prescription as well as answer any questions that you might have about filling your prescription.

Once you have filled your prescription, you should follow the treatment plan given to you by Dr. Tirmal.

It is not common for patients to experience negative side effects associated with their treatment, however, if you experience anything that makes you feel uncomfortable or anything that you feel is out of the ordinary, contact the doctor immediately.

Interested in Getting a Medical Marijuana Card in Florida?

If you are interested in knowing whether you qualify for a medical marijuana card here in Florida, Dr. Tirmal can help. Begin by booking an appointment using our easy to use online appointment tool and get started on the road to symptom relief!