Medical Marijuana Dispensary – What Is One And How Does It Work?

If you are interested in medical marijuana treatment, it’s important that you understand how the whole process works from prescription to the medical marijuana dispensary. We have shared more than a few posts about what happens when you go to get certified for your medical marijuana card, but we haven’t spent much time explaining what happens afterwards when it comes to filling your prescription. Today we want to talk about just that, specifically, the dispensary.

Medical Marijuana Dispensary – What Is One And How Does It Work?

Once you are approved for a medical marijuana card, Dr. Tirmal will walk you through how to use the online medical marijuana database tool. At this time, the doctor will also talk with you about some of the local medical marijuana dispensaries and provide you some information regarding those and how you can fill your prescription.

Don’t worry if you forget what the doctor told you after your visit – it’s not uncommon! Visits to the doctor can often be overwhelming and patients regularly have to call and follow up with us about what to do next!

Once you receive your certification card via mail, you can fill your prescription at any of the licensed medical marijuana dispensaries local to you. You may remember the doctor talking to you about these dispensaries, if you don’t, don’t worry. All of the information pertaining to your medical marijuana prescription gets entered into the medical marijuana database – the state requires this. This database is accessible by the licensed state dispensaries, so that when you show up to fill your prescription, the dispensary will already have access to the information that they need to help you to fill your prescription.

When you show up at the dispensary, you will need to present your medical marijuana card to the staff there. It’s a good idea to let the staff know that this is your first visit so that they know that you may need a little extra help.

The staff at the dispensary are very well trained and know their products well so they can be a great help if you are feeling overwhelmed.

Speaking of feeling overwhelmed – it’s not unusual to feel a little overwhelmed at your first visit to the dispensary, which is another good reason to let the staff know that this is your first visit. This way the staff members will be able to walk you through the store layout and let you know about the products that they carry.

There are many different strains of medical marijuana to choose from and the doctor will give recommendations on the best type of product is best for your needs. The staff at the dispensary will be able to help you to narrow down your product choices based on the doctors recommendations and their knowledge of the products in the store.

The staff will also be able to give you some pointers on the different methods of medical marijuana use. The doctor will talk with you about the different methods of using medical marijuana and make recommendations for the best method of use for you.

Don’t feel rushed when you go to the dispensary, take all of the time you need and ask all of the questions that you have. The staff at the dispensary care as much as your doctor about your ability to fill your prescription and they don’t mind spending the time to help you to find the right product for you.

Once you talk with the staff at the dispensary and they answer your questions, they will help you to choose a product strain based on your doctors recommendations and the information that they have learned about you. For example, the staff may tell you that a particular strain is a preference of many of their other customers because of the overall feeling that they have after using their prescription.

Once you have worked with the staff to find a product that is right for you, you will checkout and you can go home!

If you feel overwhelmed and have more questions about your prescription, don’t hesitate to call the doctor’s office and ask! We want you to feel comfortable with your prescription!

Have More Questions About The Medical Marijuana Dispensary?

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