Medical Marijuanas Dispensary Near Me: 5 Benefits of State-Certified Dispensaries

Searching for a “medical marijuanas dispensary near me” will yield plenty of results to choose from, but you may notice that they are all regulated by the state. This state regulation is mandatory in the state of Florida and while some people bemoan the “big brother” monitoring, there are some very big benefits to state-certification and monitoring of medical marijuanas dispensary facilities.

Medical Marijuanas Dispensary Near Me: 5 Benefits of State-Certified Dispensaries

1. Legality

Of course, the biggest benefit of state-certified medical marijuana dispensaries is that they are legal! In the state of Florida, by law, all medical marijuana dispensaries must be licensed and regulated by the state. This means that failure to obtain a license means that a medical marijuana dispensary is operating outside the law. How does this affect you? Well, even though you may have a valid prescription for medical marijuana use, you are obligated to abide by state law and that means filling your prescription through a legal dispensary. So, if you fill your prescription anywhere else, yes, you are breaking the law!

2. Purity

If you have your eyes open, news of the current opioid crisis should not be anything new, even though the number of deaths due to overdose are startling. Many of these rising overdose deaths are due to contamination of opioids with something called Fentanyl. Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid and is cheaper to produce and easier to smuggle into the country which is why distributors of drugs are using it to dilute their drugs.

Contamination of drugs isn’t just something that occurs with heroin or opioids, it can happen with just about anything out there, including marijuana. Even accepting drugs from an acquaintance can result in your using a non-pure product – for example, marijuana that has been laced with LSD.

One of the biggest benefits of having state certification and regulation of dispensaries, however, is that you don’t need to worry about the potential for contamination of your prescription. State dispensaries must follow strict procedures and undergo inspection to ensure that all products are packaged and handled properly so that you never risk contamination of your prescription marijuana.

3. Plant Composition

Another problem that comes with unregulated production and processing of cannabis is the composition of the plant itself. We have talked before about the difference between recreational marijuana and medical marijuana – in short – medical marijuana is high in CBD and low in THC where recreational marijuana is high in THC and low in CBD. The CBD is the substance most recognized for the beneficial health effects of medical marijuana which is why you should always fill your prescription with a regulated dispensary. Filling your prescription elsewhere is not only against the law, but there is also a significant risk that the marijuana you purchase elsewhere is not optimized for your health. In turn, this means that you are going to experience much lower benefit (or no benefit at all) from marijuana use.

4. Direct Contact With Your Doctor

When you fill your medical marijuana prescription with a licensed state medical marijuana dispensary, the dispensary has direct access to your doctors orders as they have been entered into the state database. This means that there is a direct connection between the dispensary filling your prescription and your doctor who wrote the prescription. Having this type of communication is important because it ensures continuity of care and keeps your doctor abreast of when you fill your prescription.

5. One-On-One Recommendations

The staff at state regulated medical marijuana dispensaries are well-educated about each product that their facility carries. This education means that when you go to fill your prescription, staff members can educate you about the specific “feels” of each product they carry, the best methods of taking your prescription based on your individual needs, the feedback they have received from other customers, and just about anything else you could want to know. Of course, your doctor has the authority over your specific prescription, but the staff at the dispensary can help you to determine which strain that meets your doctor’s recommendations and would be best for you based on their experience.

Need Approval For Medical Marijuana Before You Can Search For “Medical Marijuanas Dispensary Near Me”?

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