Florida Medical Cannabis Doctors Share Tips For First Time Patients

Florida medical cannabis doctors have some great tips to offer when it comes to your first time using your medical marijuana prescription. Today we’re sharing some of those tips with you.

Florida Medical Cannabis Doctors Share Tips For First Time Patients

Be Sure To Have Someone With You

The first time that you use your medical cannabis prescription, it’s a good idea to have someone you trust stay with you. It is rare that patients have any type of reaction to their medical marijuana prescription, but it’s helpful to have someone with you just in case that you do. If needed, this person can drive you to the hospital or to your doctor’s office. You should never drive under the influence of medical marijuana or any other mind-altering substance.

Keep Your Doctor’s Information Handy

The first time that you use your medical marijuana prescription, it’s helpful to keep your doctor’s information on hand in case you have questions about your prescription or any non-urgent side effects that you may experience.

Start Small

Your doctor will give you the same advice – start small when you use your prescription for the first time. You can adjust your dose within your prescribed dosage if needed, but it’s always best to start small to see how your body reacts to your prescription.

The reason this is suggested is because some people are much more sensitive to cannabinoids than others and it’s difficult to know how sensitive you are to cannabinoids before you try them.

Heed Your Doctor’s Advice

When writing your prescription, your doctor will offer you advice for filling and taking your prescription, pay attention to this advice and follow it! You may be tempted to think tat you know better and want to make your own adjustments to your prescription, DON’T! Your doctor has extensive medical training and plenty of medical marijuana experience, trust their recommendation. If you do later feel that you need adjustments to be made to your prescription, contact your doctor directly and explain what you think needs adjusting and why it needs adjusting.

Talk To The Staff At The Dispensary!

The staff at your medical marijuana dispensary have a very in-depth understanding of every product that they carry, as well as general information about medical cannabis use. While you are at the dispensary filling your prescription, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Ask as many questions as you like – remember, your medical marijuana prescription is just like any other prescription medication, you wouldn’t hesitate to ask questions about the latest cholesterol-lowering medication, so why hesitate to ask about your medical marijuana prescription?

It’s important that you feel fully comfortable with the medications that you take and in order to feel comfortable, you need to have all of your questions answered. The staff at your local dispensary will also be able to give you more information about each product you are considering, as well as what might be the best option for you based on your doctor’s recommendations.

Take Notes if You Need To

Most people have trouble remembering questions that they have for their doctor as soon as they start talking to their doctor. To make it easier on yourself, take notes if you need to so that the next time you meet with your doctor, you can ask those questions or share any feedback that you might have.

Some examples where notes can be handy include:

  • If you experience an unusual sensation when using your prescription for the first time, but this sensation does not warrant immediate medical attention. You might want to take a note and call your doctor a little later to ask about what you felt.
  • If you have been taking your prescription for a few months and found that one strain of medical cannabis is more effective for you than another, you may want to write that down so that you can remember it the next time you fill your prescription.
  • You may want to keep notes for the different strains you have tried over the life of your prescriptions so that you can better track which strains help best for which symptoms.

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