What is Cannabis Oil? Understanding CBD Oil and It’s Uses

What is cannabis oil? Is it the same as CBD oil? What is it used for? Today we’re answering your questions to help you to better understand your medical cannabis and CBD oil products.

What is Cannabis Oil? Understanding CBD Oil and It’s Uses

The first thing to know when we talk about these oils is that there actually IS a difference between cannabis and CBD oils.

When we talk about CBD oils, we are talking about oils that contain cannabidiol oils. CBD oils are made from cannabis plants that have particularly low levels of THC. This means that they have the healing properties that are found in cannabis cannabidiols, but they lack the THC which is what gives recreational marijuana users the “high” that they experience. This makes sure that CBD oil users get the relief they seek from the cannabidiols in cannabis without the anxiety or other side effects often associated with high THC content strains of cannabis.

CBD oils are almost always made from hemp plants – another strain of cannabis. Because of where they come from and the very low THC levels, CBD oils are not labelled as illegal because they do not come from or have the same components of cannabis-derived oils.

How Does CBD Oil Compare to Cannabis Oil? Unlike CBD oil, cannabis oil or marijuana oil contains the THC that is absent from CBD oils. In most cases, the THC content in these oils is still quite low because they are regulated and prescribed to medical marijuana patients.

Which Oil Is Best?

The answer to this question varies depending on who you ask, their medical condition, and where they live.

Both CBD and cannabis oils are used for medicinal purposes and have been found to reduce inflammation, relieve anxiety, relieve pain and relieve seizure activity. Prescribed cannabis oils are found to be much more effective for most patients who are suffering from severe illness and pain. For example those with spasticity due to multiple sclerosis, extreme pain due to connective tissue disorders or severe arthritis, pain or anorexia due to cancer, or the many symptoms associated with ALS.

For those people who have less severe symptoms, however, CBD oils can be beneficial as a less aggressive option for symptom release.

Why go with a less aggressive “treatment”? Well, the first problem that comes into play is the legality of medical marijuana. In states where medical marijuana use is not yet legalized, for example, even medical cannabis oil cannot be procured. In this instance, patients must turn to CBD oils for relief even if the level of relief they get is minimal.

Different People React Differently to Treatments

It’s also important to know that cannabis oils with THC in them aren’t ideal for all patients. Everyone’s body chemistry reacts differently to medical marijuana products just as they react differently to other medications and medical treatments. For example, someone with anxiety may sometimes experience a worsening of their symptoms due to THC content in cannabis oils. This is just one reason why it is crucial for all patients to have regular visits with their medical marijuana physician.

Regular appointments with your medical marijuana physician are also important because there is a variety of medical marijuana oil strains available. Finding the correct option for you and for your health condition sometimes takes a little trial and error and dosage tweaking. With a good physician on your side, though, you can be sure that you get the best strain and dose for your needs.

Still Have Questions About Cannabis Oil or Medical Marijuana?

If you have questions about CBD products or the use of medical marijuana, or if you are looking for a reputable medical marijuana doctor, The Medical Marijuana Doctor can help! All you need to do is make an appointment using our online medical marijuana appointment system.

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