Florida Medical Cannabis: The Importance of a Medical Evaluation

Today we’re talking about the importance of a medical evaluation for Florida medical cannabis and we’re covering everything you need to know!

Florida Medical Cannabis: The Importance of a Medical Evaluation

It’s A Necessity In Order to Obtain Your Medical Marijuana Card

The first reason that a medical evaluation is important is that it is a mandatory step in obtaining your medical marijuana card in Florida. In order to be approved for medical marijuana use in the state, you must be evaluated by a medical marijuana doctor who is listed with the state registry. Without this evaluation, you will not be able to obtain a legitimate medical marijuana card which also means that you will be unable to obtain a prescription for medical marijuana.

You May Not Be The Average Person

There have, unfortunately, been too few studies on the use of medical marijuana because marijuana is still a federally prohibited drug. What research we do have tells us that certain conditions respond positively ON AVERAGE to medical marijuana treatment. There are, however, influencing factors that determine how you will respond to medical marijuana treatment. So, while most people with anxiety may experience a relief of symptoms while using medical marijuana, your body chemistry may not do well with it. In this instance, you need the supervision of a doctor not only to monitor your health but also to make any necessary adjustments in dosing which may influence how you respond to treatment.

You May Have Co-Existing Health Conditions

It is also important to have a certified medical marijuana doctor evaluate you before treatment with medical marijuana because you may have other health conditions that are impacted by medical marijuana treatment. For example, you may be seeking medical marijuana treatment for anxiety but also have a suppressed immune system due to another health condition. This doesn’t always mean that medical marijuana is a bad choice of treatment, but it does mean that a doctor has to be able to weigh the pros and cons of medical marijuana treatment based on your current health. If the benefits of marijuana use exceed the risks, your doctor may prescribe medical marijuana to you. If, however, your doctor feels that your current health puts you at risk of worsening your autoimmune disorder, they will explain to you why medical marijuana is a poor treatment choice for you.

This type of honest evaluation is necessary for your health because while medical marijuana can be exceptionally beneficial to some people, it can also be harmful to others.

Medication Interactions

Being evaluated by a licensed medical marijuana doctor is also important if you currently take any supplements or medications. Like any other medication, medical marijuana does affect how your body responds and reacts and this may not be compatible with other medications that you are currently taking. For example, if you currently take medications that depress your nervous system function, taking medical marijuana may multiply the nervous system depression you experience which may ultimately lead to a medical crisis.

Imagine If…

Lastly, imagine if you were a parent and your 18-year-old child was seeking medical marijuana to abuse as a recreational drug. As a loving parent, you would expect a medical professional to overlook your child’s case and spot that your child was drug-seeking rather than seeking valid medical treatment. This is one of the reasons why it is a necessity for patients seeking medical marijuana treatment to undergo a medical evaluation by a licensed physician.

Likewise, as a parent of a child with a condition that can be managed by medical marijuana, wouldn’t you want to know that their use was being monitored so that they experienced the highest level of relief with the lowest level of risk?

Of course, you should feel this way about your own health, but sometimes it’s easier to step out of the picture for a moment and to see the situation from someone else’s point of view. Medical evaluations for medical marijuana prescriptions are not a hindrance to your ability to access a valid healthcare treatment, they are a requirement because you deserve the best quality of treatment!

Do You Need a Florida Medical Cannabis Medical Evaluation?

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