Mmuregistry: Everything You Ever Needed to Know

The MMURegistry is something that a lot of medical marijuana users have questions about, so today we wanted to touch a little bit on that and answer as many questions as we can!

What is the MMU Registry?

When we talk about the MMU registry in relation to medical marijuana use, MMU stands for “Medical Marijuana Use” and the full name of the database is the “Medical Marijuana Use Registry.”

Who Owns the MMU Registry?

The MMU Registry is run and maintained by the Florida Department of Health.

What is the Purpose of the MMU Registry?

The purpose of the MMU registry is to maintain a record of patients who are legally prescribed medical marijuana by a qualified physician.

The Office of Medical Marijuana Use is more than just a database of names, however, it also serves numerous purposes in the medical marijuana industry including:

  • Writing the Florida Department of Health’s medical marijuana rules.
  • Implementing the Florida Department of Health’s medical marijuana rules.
  • Overseeing the Medical Marijuana Use registry database.
  • Licensing Florida businesses to cultivate, process, and dispense medical marijuana to testing laboratories and qualified patients. (Testing laboratories are responsible for checking the health and safety of the medical marijuana that is produced to ensure that it is safe for use by qualified patients.

Where Does the Medical Marijuana Use Registry Serve?

Every state where medical marijuana use is legal has some type of tracking system to ensure that only those who have a valid prescription to purchase and use the drug. The MMU registry also keeps track of patient’s current prescriptions and qualified physicians who are permitted to prescribe medical marijuana.

Am I In the MMU Registry?

Once you have qualified for medical marijuana use and your doctor has approved your eligibility for a medical marijuana card, you must pay a fee to obtain your card and your doctor will add you to the medical marijuana database. Having your name in the registry means that you are legally allowed to purchase medical marijuana as per your doctor’s instructions.

How Do I Get Access to the MMU Registry?

You can only have access to the Florida Medical Marijuana Registry if you are approved for medical marijuana use by your doctor and are added to the directory. Once approved, your doctor will show you how to access the MMU registry and access your account.

Who Else Can Access My Information in the MMU Registry?

Only a select few people can access the MMU registry. You can obviously access your own account and information, as can your physician. The Florida Department of Health can also access your records since they maintain the MMU registry. Law enforcement officials may also access your information in the database – this is so that they can verify that you are a legal user of medical marijuana with a valid medical marijuana card. Finally, MMTC or Medical Marijuana Treatment Center staff can also access your information in the database.

What Information Can Be Seen About Me in the Medical Marijuana Use Registry?

When your doctor adds you to the Medical Marijuana Use registry, the information that they will enter into the system includes the condition that qualifies you for medical marijuana treatment, the types of medical marijuana that you are authorized to use, the amount of medical marijuana that you are authorized to use, and the types of delivery devices you will need for treatment.

Do I Have to Register Every Year to Access the Registry?

Each year you will have to renew your Medical Marijuana card with the state department of health. There is a minimal fee to do this and it is important to give yourself enough time for the renewal to take place before your current card expires!

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