MMJ: Florida Doctor Shares Potential Benefits and Side Effects of Medical Marijuana

When it comes to MMJ, Florida medical marijuana doctor, Doctor Tirmal believes that his patients should be fully aware of all of the risks and benefits of their treatment plan. That’s why today here on the Medical Marijuana Dr. we are sharing some of the benefits and possible side effects of medical marijuana use.

MMJ: Florida Doctor Shares Potential Benefits and Side Effects of Medical Marijuana

7 Benefits of Medical Marijuana

1. Reduced Seizure Activity

The FDA has approved the use of medical marijuana for the treatment of seizures in patients with Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome – two severe forms of epilepsy.

2. Relief of Muscle Spasticity

Medical marijuana has shown to be a promising aid in the relief of spasticity in conditions that have muscular tightness and spasticity as symptoms. Multiple sclerosis is just one example of a medical condition that can benefit from this type of relief.

3. Nausea Relief

Nausea can be a serious side effect of heavy duty treatments like chemotherapy, but medical marijuana has been proven to relieve that severe nausea and has even promoted hunger in anorexic patients.

4. Pain Relief

Severe pain can be debilitating, but medical marijuana has been shown to relieve even severe pain such as is related to chronic illness and conditions like glaucoma.

5. Hunger

A range of conditions as well as illness treatments can suppress hunger and cause significant weight loss. This can cause a variety of complications, because the body requires proper nutrition to have strength enough to fight against serious illness. Medical marijuana has been shown to work exceptionally well as an appetite stimulant.

6. Anxiety Relief

Anxiety takes many different shapes and forms including social anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder. All types of anxiety influence quality of life and it can even become completely paralyzing. Medical marijuana has shown to be effective in relieving this type of crippling anxiety and greatly improve quality of life.

7. Cancer Fighting Ability

Early studies have shown promise in the application of medical marijuana when treating cancer. Medical marijuana has shown to kill some cancer cells and slow down tumor growth.

7 Possible Side Effects of Medical Marijuana

1. Depression

Although medical marijuana can be beneficial for many patients, if you have a history of depression, it may not be the right treatment for you because it has caused depression in some individuals.

2. Low blood Pressure

In some patients, medical marijuana has lowered blood pressure, a side effect that can be particularly troublesome for patients who already struggle with low blood pressure.

3. Tachycardia

In a few select situations, medical marijuana can cause an increase in heart rate or even tachycardia. This can pose problems for any patient and should be reported right away to your doctor.

4. Bloodshot Eyes

In some patients, medical marijuana can cause bloodshot eyes particularly when the method of ingestion is smoking. Smoking a medical marijuana prescription generates smoke that can irritate and dry the eyes – in this instance, the eyes can get very irritated.

5. Hallucinations

It is not common for medical marijuana patients to experience hallucinations, but in some rare circumstances, patients have been known to have hallucinations. When patients do experience hallucinations, the most common reason is that their dose of medical marijuana is too high for their needs.

6. Coughing and Respiratory Difficulty

Again we come back to smoked medical marijuana for this side effect. When patients smoke medical marijuana, it is possible for the airway, lungs, throat, etc. to become irritated – particularly if you have never been a smoker or used inhaled medications before.

7. Tolerance

Some medical marijuana patients also experience a build up of tolerance to their medical marijuana. This means that that person gradually becomes less sensitive to the effects of their medical marijuana and in some instances, this can mean having to increase dosage.

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