Medical Weed – Why Most Doctors Won’t Use This Term

A lot of medical cannabis users refer to their prescription as “medical weed”. You may have noticed, however, that doctors are reluctant to use that term. So, today, we’re going to talk a little bit about why the medical community prefers not to go with that moniker!

Medical Weed – Why Most Doctors Won’t Use This Term

What’s in a word? Well, the truth of it is that the way that different things are phrased can make a big difference in how people respond to them which is why doctors don’t walk around using the term “medical weed”.

Medical Cannabis or Medicinal Cannabis

The term medical cannabis or medicinal cannabis is widely accepted in the medical community. This acceptance is built on the fact that the plant that we get marijuana from is a cannabis plant. So, to refer to a prescription as medicinal cannabis has no connotation. We are merely referring to the plant and a product that comes from the plant.

Medical Marijuana or Medicinal Marijuana

The term medical marijuana is also used in the medical community – although it is becoming much less frequent of a term as questions over the word’s origin and use are raised. In short, the word marijuana has a history of being associated with racial bias and persecution, and a considerable movement is now taking place to abandon the word because of this.

Despite efforts to quash the word’s use, many people still refer to medicinal cannabis as medicinal marijuana because they believe the word simply originates from Mexican immigrants. They believe that while it has been used in racist speeches by people like Harry Anslinger, the word marijuana is a word that belongs to the group of people who came to the U.S. bringing their love of the plant with them.

Medical Weed

So, why don’t we hear more professionals referring to the plan as medicinal weed or medical weed? Again, it’s all about connotations. “Weed” is a slang term and a medical professional needs to be just that – professional. It’s the same reason why you hear your doctor referring to your body parts and bodily processes by their correct anatomical or scientific names – professionalism. So, yes, while “medical weed” does refer to the same product as medical marijuana and medical cannabis, it’s still not a term that you will hear a professional doctor use.

The Stigma

Another reason why you won’t hear professionals who are pushing for the legalization of medical cannabis refer to it as medical weed is because there is already enough of a stigma around the use of marijuana as it is. Doctors who are pushing for the legalization of medical marijuana already have enough opposition and to refer to it by a slang term only worsens the stigma.

Doctors, researchers, and patients who see the real-life impact of medical marijuana on peoples’ lives know how important these “little things” can be when it comes to how medical cannabis is seen by the rest of the world. It is important for us to do everything we can to emphasize the legal and professional uses of the cannabis plant and to help others to realize that it is more than just a recreational drug.

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