Medical Marijuanas: Products Available To Floridian Patients

As a future medical marijuana patient in Florida, you may be wondering what types of medical marijuanas are available to you. As the leading medical cannabis physician in Florida, it’s also important to me that all of my clients understand what options are available to them so that they can make necessary decisions related to their own care and treatment plan. That’s why today we’re taking a look at the current products available to Florida patients.

Medical Marijuanas: Products Available To Floridian Patients

The type, strength, and quantity of medical marijuana that is available to a medical cannabis patient is largely determined by their doctor and their medical condition. In many instances, though, there are multiple methods of ingestion that your doctor will discuss with you so that you can both determine the best method of ingestion for you.

Currently, in Florida, the types of medical cannabis that are available include:


One of the most commonly used methods of ingestion for medical marijuana patients is vaping. You likely recognize the term from the current nicotine craze and the principle is the same.

Patients prefer vaping their medical marijuanas because vape pens are relatively easy to use and are more discrete than many other ingestion methods.

Vaping works by taking the ingredients and essence of marijuana and inhaling that vapor as if smoking. There is no actual smoke or tar in marijuana vaping.

One of the more appealing aspects of vaping medical marijuana is that the vape cartridges come in a variety of flavors which can make ingestion much more palatable for those with a more sensitive palate.

Marijuana Flower

Florida also recently legalized smoking medical marijuana products – specifically the medical marijuana flower. Your doctor will prescribe you your medical cannabis and you then roll the product into smoking papers or use a smoking device and smoke the product.

The particular effects that you experience from your medical marijuana type and dose will differ depending on a variety of factors including your health and how your body reacts to different substances.

One of the complications with smoking medical cannabis is that while it can be exceptionally beneficial for some patients, it can also cause some complications for other patients. This is why it’s VERY important for all medical cannabis patients to be under the supervision of a reputable and experienced doctor.

Other Types Of Marijuana Products

Other medical marijuana products to consider include tinctures, topical creams, sublingual products, capsules, and liquid products. These types of medical cannabis products are used much less often, but they are available and if you feel they would be best for you, talk to your prescribing physician.

While medical cannabis rectal suppositories are available, they are one of the least used products on the market.

These other medical marijuana products are generally promoted for injury rather than illness – for example, aches and pains, rather than the treatment of chronic conditions like migraines or seizures.

Marijuana Edibles

One of the more popular marijuana products are the edible options. Florida does not currently offer marijuana edible products, however, it’s anticipated that they will be available shortly. One of the reasons for pushing legislation to allow for edible medical marijuana products is that other states have shown that a significant majority of medical cannabis patients prefer to ingest edible products.

Edible products are often one of the last products to be approved for use in medical marijuana states simply because they require more regulation. As food products, they must be regulated both as medical marijuana and as food products. This means that regulations on who can produce and sell these products are very tight.

Do You Have Questions About the Medical Marijuanas Available To You?

If you have questions about medical marijuana and your treatment options in Florida, The Medical Marijuana Doctor can help! Just use our easy online tool to make an online appointment for medical marijuana consultation.

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