Medical Marijuana Clinics: 6 Red Flags You Shouldn’t Ignore

When screening medical marijuana clinics, you want to take every step possible to ensure that the clinic that you choose provides you with the very best care. That means watching out for red flags that could indicate questionable practices. Today we want to touch on a few red flags that could indicate that a medical marijuana clinic is less than reputable.

Medical Marijuana Clinics: 6 Red Flags You Shouldn’t Ignore

1. A Doctor Who Is Too Eager to Write a Prescription

A surefire sign that you should be wary of a medical marijuana clinic is a doctor who is too eager to write a prescription. Like any other medical practice, there are reputable medical marijuana doctors and less than reputable doctors and for the best quality of care, you want to be sure that your doctor is reputable. That means that they are willing to find out all of the medical facts in your case before writing a prescription. If a doctor is too willing to write a prescription, you should question the quality of care that you are receiving. The fact is that this kind of doctor is simply applying a bandaid to your condition by treating your symptoms rather than the underlying cause of your symptoms.

2. A Doctor Who Is Suggestive

Another red flag that you should pay attention to is a doctor who is suggestive when talking to you about your situation. This kind of doctor will “feed” you information and make suggestions about what you feel or experience. For example, they may say: “And your anxiety is crippling isn’t it? It really influences your day to day life, doesn’t it?” These types of questions are designed to get you to say things in a specific way so that the doctor gets the information they need in order to write a prescription

3. The Doctor Spends Two Seconds With You

A doctor is pressed for time, that is true, but to offer you the best of care they must spend more than two seconds speaking with you about your situation. They need to find out what symptoms you are experiencing, to understand your medical history, and to talk to you about the treatment options that are available to you.

4. The Clinic Offers You An Online Consultation

In the state of Florida, a medical marijuana doctor is forbidden from offering online consultations that result in a prescription for medical marijuana. All medical marijuana appointments that result in a prescription must be done in person. If a doctor offers you the opportunity to go through an online consultation for a prescription for medical marijuana, they are breaking the law. Hiring a doctor who is willing to break the law is a slippery slope and an indication that the quality of care that you’re going to receive is not optimal.

5. Poor Reviews

Most businesses have one or two poor reviews and those can be overlooked. If, however, you see a large number of negative reviews for a physician, it’s time to reconsider making that doctor your regular physician.

A lot of people are willing to write off negative reviews as disgruntled patients, but when those negative reviews start to accumulate, it’s time to take a step back and consider the fact that they may not be the ideal candidate for your care.

It’s also important to consider what negative reviews of a doctor say. For example, negative reviews that constantly mention the doctor being late for their appointment does not necessarily reflect negatively on the quality of care you will receive. A doctor may be later than anticipated for appointments because they are taking the time to talk with patients and provide the best quality of care.

If however, a review refers to a very poor bedside manner or consistently canceled appointments, it’s a good indication that this doctor is not the ideal candidate for your care.

6. Inconsistent Billing

Your doctor’s office is going to bill based on time spent with you and specific procedures done. If, however, you find that your doctor’s office is charging different amounts for the same type of visit or procedure and you have not been notified of any changes to fees, you should consider that the practice is a questionable one.

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