How To Get Medical Marijuana: Answering Your Procurement Questions

Today we’re going to spend a little time talking about how to get medical marijuana, more specifically, we’re going to answer some of your FAQ’s about filling your medical marijuana prescription once it has been written…

How To Get Medical Marijuana: Answering Your Procurement Questions

Where Do I Fill My Medical Marijuana Prescription?

You must fill your prescription at a licensed state dispensary. You may NOT fill your prescription anywhere other than a licensed state dispensary. Your prescribing doctor will provide you with a list of local dispensaries where you can safely fill your prescription while adhering to state laws.

Why is it so important that you use a licensed state dispensary? Well, licensed dispensaries are connected to the state medical marijuana use database where they can access your prescribing information via your doctor. Additionally, a state dispensary will ensure that you receive a clean product that will offer you relief without the risk of being tainted by other substances.

Then there is the whole legal versus illegal issue. In order to legally use medical marijuana in the state of Florida, you MUST have a valid medical marijuana card and you MUST obtain your prescription through one of the state dispensaries. This system allows the state to control medical marijuana distribution and prevent abuse of the system.

Will My Insurance Cover The Cost of My Prescription?

No. Unfortunately, even though medical cannabis is legal in our state, it is still not federally legal which means that health insurance companies can not accept claims for medical marijuana at this time.

How Much Medical Cannabis Can I Purchase At One Time?

Your dose will depend upon your doctor’s prescription, however, in the state of Florida, the legal purchasing limit for smokable cannabis is 2.5 ounces every 35 days with a possession limit of 4 ounces at any time. There is also a limit on the daily supply of other forms of cannabis that can be purchased at one time – 70 days.

Can My Caretaker Purchase My Prescription For Me?

Yes, but they MUST be your legal caregiver. If you have a legal caregiver, you should assign them as the person who picks up, carries, and administers medications for you. You should know, that simply calling someone a caretaker does not make them a legal caretaker. In order to be considered a legal caretaker, they must meet various requirements by the state including completing a certification course and getting their application approved. They must also have proof of their legal representation of you.

Can I Choose How I Take My Medical Cannabis?

There are a number of methods for taking your medical marijuana prescription, if you have a preference for one method over another, talk about this with your doctor during your appointment. Explain why you would prefer a certain method and be open to hearing your doctor’s suggestions. For some patients, for example, sublingual administration can result in faster symptom relief than another method so it may be recommended for patients who have a need for faster symptom relief.

Can the Staff At The Dispensary Answer Any Questions I May Have?

Yes! The staff at the medical marijuana dispensaries are extremely knowledgeable and can answer your questions about the products that they carry. It’s important to remember, however, that you should try to ask your prescribing doctor your questions while you are consulting with them. While dispensary staff know their products and can answer product-related questions, only your prescribing doctor can provide medical advice and advice related to your particular condition and medical history.

Do You Have More Questions About How To Get Medical Marijuana?

If you have more questions about how to fill your medical marijuana prescription, you should always consult with your prescribing physician. If you have not yet been written your medical cannabis prescription, we recommend taking a moment to make an online appointment with Dr. Tirmal.

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