FL Medical Weed And Other Terms You Should Avoid Using

A couple of weeks ago we posted an article about why it does more harm to the already fragile medical marijuana industry when people refer to medical marijuana using a slang term. Today we want to elaborate on that a little more and cover a few more terms that it’s best to avoid when talking about medical cannabis.

FL Medical Weed And Other Terms You Should Avoid Using

In case you missed our article a couple of weeks ago, let’s start with a quick recap…

Medical marijuana is still a very taboo topic in this country and while some states have passed their own laws legalizing medical marijuana use, other states are still fighting against it. There is also the federal government to contend with. Currently, marijuana is still considered a schedule I drug by the federal government. This means that while some states have legalized its use, medical marijuana is still not permitted by federal law.

So…what does all of this have to do with calling your medical marijuana “medical weed”? Well, the fight that doctors, researchers, and parents have put into making medical cannabis legal in Florida has been incredible and to come as far as we have is amazing. But, as representatives of the medical marijuana community it is still our job to act responsibly and not perpetuate stereotypes that are held about cannabis users. Every time that you use the term “medical weed” you conjure up images of illicit drug use for those who overhear you. So the next time that you catch yourself about to use slang to describe the medical treatment that is offering you relief, stop yourself and ask whether you are contributing to the negative impression that so many people have of the drug we fight so hard to have.

It’s not only the term “legal weed” or “medical weed” that sets us back as a community, either. There are many terms and phrases that perpetuate illicit drug use and as a community as a whole, we need to do better to represent ourselves and this drug responsibly.

What other terms should you avoid using?

  • Dope
  • Pot
  • Stoner
  • Bong
  • Bud
  • Chronic
  • Mary Jane
  • Grass
  • Hash
  • Ganja
  • Blunt
  • Doobie
  • …the list goes on…

When it comes to other terms that you should avoid using, there are more than a few and a lot of times if you just stop to use your common sense, you will realize that a term you are about to use could give a negative impression. For a large part, if a term or phrase is considered “slang” keep it to yourself.

What else should you keep in mind when talking about medicinal cannabis and as a representative of our community? We’ve got a few pointers…

  • When talking about medical marijuana, talk about it as you would any other medication that is prescribed.
  • Use the terms “medical cannabis” or “medical marijuana” when referring to your treatment.
  • Remember that you are a representative of a community that is often persecuted, don’t reinforce negative stereotypes by behaving inappropriately.
  • Don’t be argumentative. There is a difference between standing up for your rights and advocating for medical cannabis and arguing aggressively with someone who has a differing point of view.
  • Always use your prescribed product as it is prescribed and use it responsibly. There are already a good many reasons why some people fight against medical cannabis use, we don’t need to offer up any more!

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